Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard


Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

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Breakthrough performance with SQL Server 2017
SQL Server 2017 offers breakthrough in-memory performance built into the database for your transactions, your queries and your analytics, delivers faster insights into any data with familiar analytics tools, and enables enterprise-ready Big Data solutions. A consistent programming model and common tools across on-premises and cloud support hybrid infrastructures and scenarios.

SQL Server 2017 Standard edition delivers basic data management and business intelligence database for departments and small organizations to run their applications and supports common development tools for on-premise and cloud — enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources.
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1 review for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

  1. Constantino Núñez

    Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard is a game-changer in the world of database management. With its breakthrough in-memory performance, this software offers lightning-fast transactions, queries, and analytics. The integration of familiar analytics tools makes it easier than ever to gain insights from your data. Additionally, the support for enterprise-ready Big Data solutions ensures scalability and flexibility for your organization. The Standard edition is perfect for departments and small organizations, providing essential data management and business intelligence capabilities. With support for both on-premise and cloud environments, SQL Server 2017 Standard is a versatile and cost-effective solution for effective database management. Highly recommended for organizations looking to optimize their IT resources and streamline their database operations.

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