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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015


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Visual Studio Enterprise from famous Microsoft is a set of tools for creating software. You can start planning, and end with developing a user interface, writing code, testing, analyzing code quality and performance. These tools are designed to work together as efficiently as possible.

This software includes advanced features for groups of any size. It is suitable for people working on projects of any size or complexity. If you need in-depth testing and the development process, then this offer is also suitable for you.

The offer is also suitable for people who are creating various types of applications (ranging from simple store applications and games for mobile clients to large and complex systems that serve enterprises and data centers).

What can be created?

  • Applications and games that are available on platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS;
  • Applications for a variety of platforms and devices such as Office, SharePoint, and others;
  • Websites and web services based on various popular platforms;
  • Games and graphics applications for different Windows devices. An Xbox with DirectX support will work.

Visual Studio 2015 is provided in three editions:

  1. Free Community Edition.
  2. Combining all Express versions.
  3. Paid Professional Edition (for small projects and Enterprise Edition for large projects).


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