Adobe Muse CC 2015

Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $39.95.


Adobe Muse CC 2015

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Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $39.95.

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The release of Adobe Muse CC 2015 contains several exciting new features. Also, the slightest changes are added, which in one way or another will be useful. For example, you can move the cursor to indicate the eyes of several objects, and they will all be hidden. In the same way, they can be shown again and manipulated with a similar method with locking. The change is not significant but also necessary for work.

Typekit Web Fonts

A new feature has appeared that many have been waiting for. This is the use of Typekit fonts on sites. The use of this font is the same as Edge Web Fonts. You need to find the one you need in the font management window, click on it and it will be installed.

Change of the objects naming

Perhaps it appeared that allows you to rename not only layers. Now you can rename objects inside layers. For example, if you inserted a PSD file into layers, the program will use Photoshop layer names to name objects.

Pleasant trifles

  • Improvements in the Plan’s view;
  • Improved image frames;
  • Improved In-Browser Editing workflows;
  • Improved work with Illustrator;
  • Improved responsive design;
  • New “Ellipse tool”;
  • New home screen.

3 reviews for Adobe Muse CC 2015

  1. Jaylyn Carpenter

    I recently purchased Adobe Muse CC 2015 from and I couldn’t be happier with my bargain purchase! Not only did I get an amazing discount on this product, but it also comes with several exciting new features that have greatly improved my workflow. The ability to hide and manipulate multiple objects with a simple cursor movement has made designing a breeze. Additionally, the inclusion of Typekit Web Fonts has been a game-changer for my website designs. I love that I can easily install and use a wide variety of fonts on my sites. The new feature of renaming objects within layers is also a welcome addition, making it even easier to manage my design elements. The pleasant trifles such as improvements in the Plan’s view, image frames, and In-Browser Editing workflows have further enhanced my experience. With such a cheap price and great discount, I feel like I got an incredible deal on a top-notch product!

  2. Ariana Horn

    Adobe Muse CC 2015 offers exciting new features like Typekit Web Fonts and improved object naming. Small changes like hiding multiple objects with ease and renaming objects within layers make work more efficient. Other enhancements include improved image frames, In-Browser Editing workflows, and responsive design. The addition of an “Ellipse tool” and a new home screen make this release a must-have for web designers.

  3. Marcel Garrett

    Can you provide information on the pricing and any current discounts available for Adobe Muse CC 2015? I am interested in learning more about the new features and improvements that have been made in this latest release. Thank you.

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