Adobe Fireworks CS6

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Adobe Fireworks CS6

$119.95 $99.95

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This new software update enables you to create a cool website and mobile app layouts even faster. You can distribute vector images, 3D graphics. You can also interactive content on tablet devices and smartphones.

Layouts are now made even faster and easier with templates, multifunctional characters, and reusable styles.

The basic new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6

1. An improved performance

Work has become even more effective thanks to such details as Mac OS, support for 64-bit Windows OS. Support allows you to increase the size of files by four times. Efficiency is also available through tools such as “Fill”, “Gradient”, and “Template”.

2. Easy access to color tools

A convenient and understandable switch between solid fill, gradient, and pattern modes has been added. Improved color swatches, by the way, allow you to change colors even faster.

3. Screen graphics tools

Thanks to convenient tools, creating, editing, and optimizing projects are no longer a problematic topic. Using interactive and mobile layouts, as well as convenient tools for working with vector and raster graphics are waiting for you too.

4. Shared library

Layouts and themes can be created based on templates, symbols, and layout components from a shared library.

5. Visualization accurate to pixels

Now vector and bitmap images are displayed more clearly, even when converting from one format to another.


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