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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a professional non-linear video editing program. Adobe Systems has released a new update that works quickly and accurately. It combines amazing performance with a clear and easily customizable user interface. New features simplify the editing process and help meet the most complex production times.

New monitor panels

  • The Source Monitor and Program Monitor panels have acquired a new look. Now they have a sleek appearance that is not overloaded. They have become easier to be configured.
  • Now you can hide all buttons (on the right). This is an ideal option for fast keyboard-driven workflows.
  • A new drop-down menu on each panel of the monitor provides direct access to playback resolution settings.

New panel views of the project

  • In thumbnail view, clips can be selected and cleared using the clip play button.
  • As soon as you move the pointer over the icons, you will be provided with important information about multimedia. Even information about its use in your episodes will be provided.
  • You can mark entry and exit points directly in the thumbnails of clips in the panel. This will greatly speed up the editing process.

New master Audio Meter panel

  • Now you can easily resize the Audio Meter panel. Also, it automatically switches from vertical to horizontal when you increase its horizontal dimensions.


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