Windows 10 Pro


Windows 10 Pro

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Purchase Cheap Windows 10 Pro (OEM License)

Includes all the features of the intended home version, as well as additional features related to security and management services. Additional business features include encryption, remote login, and creating virtual machines. It is compatible with programs running on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

New features of Windows 10 Pro

A new personal voice assistant that works on all devices running Windows 10 has also been added to the program. Full compatibility with the office Suite applications as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Improved encryption technology. Assigned access creates a blocking environment to restrict users from running the universal Windows app.

You can join a company or school domain or Azure Active Directory to access network files, servers, and printers. The search algorithm is further optimized, which allows you to significantly speed up the output of results, as well as resource consumption in the process. It also added the ability to create and use virtual machines to simultaneously run on multiple operating systems on the same computer.

Windows 10 Pro includes:

  • Support for multiple desktops.
  • Instant start-up (10-20 seconds).
  • Supporting several heavy tasks, including games and 3D programs.
  • Built-in antivirus W.
  • A new pre-installed browser from Microsoft – MS Edge.
  • Simplify device deployment and user reset with self-service features.

2 reviews for Windows 10 Pro

  1. Roman F

    This was to be installed on my Core i7 32GB RAM computer. The only problem was that it did not install as expected. Windows 10 has always offered the United States option on my other computers. It was installed anyway. Once installed, everything was set to US as I needed so all fine.

  2. Peyton

    Wow, Windows 10 Pro seems like a powerful and feature-packed operating system! 🤯 With all the security and management services, encryption technology, and instant start-up, it definitely seems like a great choice for businesses and professionals. The ability to create virtual machines and support multiple desktops is also impressive. It might take some time to fully master all the new features, but it looks like it’s worth the investment! 💻🔒🚀

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