Adobe Audition CC 2015



Adobe Audition CC 2015


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One license per user (two computers max) – 1 Year Subscription

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Adobe Audition CC 2015 is a useful program that is necessary for people who are constantly associated with audio and video files. You can create high-quality copies. You can make editing, processing, applying various sound effects. It will feel like your computer is a mini studio for sound communication. The program has an intuitively simple and intuitive interface that does not complicate the work.

An improved sound design

Many new and improved tools for sound design have appeared. For example, a noise generator and sound modulation control. The sound modulation knob helps you create sound and customize your sound scales. All these actions are created to achieve an expressive effect.

Speech alignment by automation

You can replace the dialog with a studio recording or align them perfectly. This option is available even if there is background noise in the tracks. You can easily correct violations of the synchronization of lip movements with a track. Quality clips are also easier to create now in this version.

Editing processes in Audition CC 2015

Preview Editor allows you to:

  • Compare visual representations of processed sound waves;
  • View multiple file fragments at the same time;
  • Confirm time stretching before applying changes;
  • Direct editing of audio tracks allows you to send clips, mixes, and sequences.


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