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Luxion KeyShot 10


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KeyShot 10 is a lightweight rendering tool that gives nice crisp images to quick renders. It comes with a decent material library that creates great-looking images for your objects and renders. Its rendering time is very short, making it possible to see how things would look during the drafting stages. The program is straightforward to use, with clear instructions with superb functionality. This simple program includes camera edits, HDR image loading, and much more. It’s not intensive on the graphics card and allows you to have walk-through shots. Fast to learn program. It’s easy to get quality results in rendering.

Platform: win,mac

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  1. Lady

    I use Keyshot 10 almost every day to render our products and also use KeyShot to help with my photo manipulation projects! I love that it’s easy to use. I love the interface. And the features and functions are amazing. Really like how many materials there are, and also very easy to set up lighting. Plus, the quality of the renderings is amazing!!

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