Autodesk AutoCAD 2016


Autodesk AutoCAD 2016

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License: Perpetual
One license per seat
Platform: Win, Mac
Languages: en,cs,de,es,fr,hu,it,ko,pl,pt,ru,zh

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Download and Install Autodesk AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 is a professionally selected and structured list of new products that are necessary for the workflow.

Innovations of the interface

  • Simplified creation of a new document;
  • Improved reordering of sheets in a DVG file;
  • New files closing commands;
  • Change the start page and methods of accessing it;
  • Improving the presentation of block icons and styles.

Enhanced PDF export options

  • Support for hyperlinks and bookmarks;
  • Separate export settings to PDF.

Team changes/extensions

  • Extension editing text sizes;
  • Extension of multiline texts;
  • Ability to change the color of the selection of objects;
  • Significant changes and improvements in working with external links;
  • Improving the speed of work and previewing the results of certain commands.

Application and file security

  • Change of the trusted directories;
  • Toughening of the application security;
  • Application’s and file’s security;
  • Introduction of new security parameters;
  • A new view of the security settings window.

AutoCAD configuration changes

  • Ability to track changes in system variables;
  • Simplified hardware acceleration settings dialog;
  • Fast processing of the curved lines.

3D modeling

  • A new type of section is added;
  • The ability to add fracture points to the section;
  • Improving and expanding the work of section objects;
  • The ability to cut objects of solids, networks, areas, and other similar things.

1 review for Autodesk AutoCAD 2016

  1. Chau Le

    I upgraded to 2016 shortly after it came out and have had some time to check it out. The new DIM command and options are a great add to AutoCAD. I was impressed with the speed increase (selection, drag). And a little advice on how to fix the problem I am facing. If you have get artificats all over your screen, then update your graphic card driver to make it working with activated hardware acceleration.

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