Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Student and Teacher Edition


Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Student and Teacher Edition


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This software is suitable for those who work with documents in PDF format. It includes features that help reduce the cost of managing PDF software. For example, a predictable update schedule with cumulative fixes increased application security.

Also, there was a very convenient option that customers will appreciate PDF. Now you can edit PDF files in the same way as any Word document. Moreover, you can convert these files to PowerPoint, for example. Thus, you will simplify the process of creating a presentation.

Security and document’s protection

All users of electronic devices want their documents to be protected. Developers strive to make security the best they can. For example, this version suggests setting default security properties for documents for your organization. You can also do this by creating automated actions to define a set of security tasks. They can be easily applied to PDF-files.

Simplified process of work

  • Now you can create PDF files that comply with standards managed by the International Organization for Standardization;
  • You can sign approvals directly in the file. Now there is no need to print the file or send it by mail;
  • Combine documents, spreadsheets in an organized PDF;
  • Convert files to PDF from virtually any application that prints.


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